Friday, August 1, 2008

Magic Slippers

I see some people are stumbling across my blog - which makes me think - what the hell are you people doing? I haven't posted for months! But it's nice that you still do check every now and then. Special mention to Karl, who managed to comment on the first post almost before i finished writing it.

But you aren't posting your top five destinations! (Except for you Toni - thanks :-) )

Where do you really REALLY want to go? Where would you be looking for the next plane to if you won a hundred billion dollars? (But not a hundred billion Zimbabwean dollars - unless your wildest dream is buying four oranges....)

My top destinations at the moment would have to be:

Iceland. Sit in natural hot pools with snow and ice all around... look across a canyon from one continental plate to the other ... cool :-)
Egypt. Definitely gotta see the great pyramids, and I don't know if you can get inside them these days, but surely a hundred billion has got to get you past some red tape?
Thailand. (and no, not looking for lady-men either). After Margaret's tales of Thailand I really want to go there. Ride elephants, pat tigers, stay in 5 star hotels for about $1.25.

I'll have to back to you about the other two....

And keep guessing on the women's cricket thing too. I can tell you all guesses so far are too recent. Head back in time...


PS: We're going to Auckland this weekend, so apologies if there is a gap in the posting.

PPS: If you missed the point of the title - I was going for a Wizard of Oz thing, tap your heels together and go wherever you like.... Well it made sense to me.

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