Monday, July 28, 2008

Introducing... The Human Pincushions!

High on the the list of objectives for our trip to Africa is this:

It's pretty up there. So with that in mind we went today for a trip to the Travel Doctor. These guys are sprinkled at medical centers around the country and know stuff like what deadly diseases you need protection from in different countries. Seeing as part of our holiday involves a camping trip (more details later) we are probably going to be a bit more exposed to nasties than if we were staying in 5 star hotels. So after a 1hr consult with the doctor, it was off to the nurse for the jabs.

I am now the proud owner of shiny new antibodies for Polio, Typhoid, Tetanus and Rabies. Yep, FOUR injections. Then, not content with that number of holes in me, they took some blood too, to test for the antibodies for Hepatitis A (as I think I've been immunized but not sure) and Chickenpox (as I don't think I've ever had it and it is nasty to get as an adult apparently).

Juliet managed to get away with only 3 as her tetanus was up to date.

We were especially pleased that they managed to get all our injections into our arms, and didn't have to go looking for other places to jab!

So after all that, and a 20 minute spell to make sure neither of us was going to faint, it was time for the painful part - paying at reception. FIVE HUNDRED BUCKS if you please! Well, it was either that or stay in a bubble while we're in Africa.

We also picked up some pills to ward off Malaria, which we have to take every day we're in the malaria zone, and for a month afterwards.

Well at least it's something crossed off the list... although we still have to go back 3 or 4 times for various boosters before we go.

Better go now, I can feel the PolioTyphoidTetanusRabies cocktail kicking in...


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