Monday, September 22, 2008

The Final Countdown (do de doo do, do de do do doo)

Holy crap, three days till takeoff.

And no posts here for over a month.


(I know, you're not shocked at all).

Strangely, I've had heaps to blog about too - just no time. That's not very promising for future posts I guess, but we'll see how we go.

I've even set it up so I can blog from my cellphone - if I have coverage of course.

So in the last month... what has happened. Hmmm.

We finished all our jabs at the doctors. I ended up having 8 jabs in total, and two bloodtests. Juliet got away with only 5 jabs and one bloodtest. We had to have the bloodtest to see if we were "rabies proof". We both got good antibody results, but we still won't be lining up to be bitten by any wild dogs/monkeys/bats/used car salesmen etc.

We went to the theatre and saw Cats with Zac. You can read about that on his blog. Oh, hang on, he hasn't posted for 5 months! tee hee hee. (Hello Kettle, I'm Pot, you're black!)

We picked up our tickets from the travel agent. We had a mild heart stoppage when we got home and found that the e-Ticket for the airline had the wrong date for travel. We had changed the dates since we originally booked, but the e-Tickets still showed the old dates. Got back in touch with the travel agent and found that the booking is actually correct - we are booked for the right days but the airline doesn't actually provide new e-Tickets. We just rock on up to the airport with the wrong date on our ticket and apparently that's OK. Riiiight....

We went and saved the environment with Jess and Frosty. Took part in the Hubbards Carbon Crusade and went for an 8km walk and planted four trees each.

We got a phonecall just last week from the travel agent - saying the airline had changed our flights. Queue major heart stoppage - seven days out from departure and all our accommodation is booked - how can they be changing flights? It was OK though... turned out to be only the very last flight home from Bangkok to Auckland that got changed. Now we are having an extra day in Bangkok (at the airline's expense) and oh deary me, have to have another day of work. :-)

Then of course there's be all the last minute organising - getting a house sitter in so we don't leave our shiny new house empty for 5 weeks ... buying up half of the stock at Kathmandu for our safari tour ... and last night we started to pack!

Lord knows how I'm going to sleep the next few nights. I'm way too excited.


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