Friday, August 8, 2008

Mellow Yellow

So this is my exciting new camera, all ready to take away to Africa.

It's just like the one Toni got ages ago, except hers was pink and mine is yellow.

I bought it from Expert Infotech, an online store based in Auckland. I highly recommend them - lowest price and good service.

Speaking of lowest price, I found them on PriceSpy - which is another handy website.

I've been looking at the camera for a while, and after seeing it online for over a hundred bucks better that anywhere else I'd seen it I decided to purchase it then and there and pick it up while we were in Auckland last weekend. In case you didn't know, I'm cheap :-)

So on to the camera itself - it is 8MP (which is crazy in that my giant digital SLR from a few yeards back is only 6MP). It also does movies, has a whole host of specialist settings like "BehindGlass", "Fireworks" etc, and the menu system seems to be really easy to get around.

It also has a panoramic photo-stitching feature which seems even better that the one on my old Canon camera, which I loved.

But the real beauty of this camera is that it is waterproof. No extra housing or anything required - waterproof to 3m straight out of the box. That's a real plus for me. Not that I really intend to be submersed in water during my holiday, but then, I never do! I also figure that if it keeps the water out it must keep dust and sand out too - and I'm gonna be encountering plenty of that I'm sure. Plus there's the ever present danger of dropping cameras into toilets.... (hey - it happens a lot thank you very much)


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