Monday, August 4, 2008

The Pox

Went along to the doctor this morning for our follow-up jabs. Juliet and I both got our second Rabies shot. The rabies one is quite exciting actually, as it is bright pink and they inject in just under the skin so your skin swells up in a little pink bubble. We've still got one more to go, so I'll try and get a photo next time.

Also my blood test results were back. I'm already immune to Hepatitis A, however not so lucky with chicken pox. Turns out the good fortune to not get infected with this disease as a child is actually bad fortune, as it's even nastier to get it as an adult. (It doesn't go as far as making you sterile though, as some other childhood diseases can do to adults!). So that's more injections for me! One today, and another in six weeks. I would have preferred her to not read out all the possible side effects though!


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