Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cape Town!

We made it to Cape Town! And we survived our 19 hour bus trip. The bus was actually more comfortable than the plane, with nice soft seats that reclined a looong way. Got to see some of the countryside as we were going along too - lot and lots of very dry land! Even saw our first african animals... well, they were sheep and cows and goats - but they were african! Later on we saw some ostrich and some kind of Bok.

Got a glimpse of some real african poverty too - shanty-towns made of corrugated-iron houses, and only a bit further up the road (presumably) rich vineyards!

On arrival at Cape Town we had some drama, walked to the car rental office we had booked, only to find them closed! It seems they had lost our booking. But we got it all sorted in the end and have picked up a shiny new Toyota Yaris today.

Better go, time's running out at the internet cafe - but don't say I never blog!


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Anonymous said...

But I wanted to hear about the bus.