Sunday, October 5, 2008


We made it to Namibia!

Sorry, no photos just yet, as the internet cafe I have found has a 'no USB' policy.

We spent one night in Windhoek (the capital) after our flight up from Cape Town. The next day we caught a minibus shuttle out to Swakopmund at the coast (4 hours - but so hot it was much worse than the 19hr bus ride!)

Here we met up with soon-to-be extended family, and had a 'Braai' - (a bbq).

Swakopmund is an amazing town - the sand dunes are literally right up to the edge of the houses - I'm sure they have to go out each day and sweep the desert back!

I'll find some way to get some more photos on here.

I have to dash off now, because the wedding starts shortly.


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