Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sand, Sand and More Sand.

We had the wedding on Saturday, it was very nice and everyone looked lovely etc etc.

No time to blog about that just now - just enough time to load a few photos of ... sand.

The day after the wedding Ronald (he's my brother-in-law's brother-in-law - work that out!) took us out to find some sand. As I mentioned earlier - that is not terribly difficult in Swakopmund. He took us out to Dune 7 - which is apparently the 7th tallest dune system in the world. And we climbed it....

Picture walking up the downwards escalator - except it's sand... and twice as steep.

I just about died. I was seriously considering telling the others to send me a postcard from the top.

Quite satisfying once you're up there though..... and it's a long way back down (check out the size of the cars) - but much MUCH quicker.

The views from up here were amazing though - and for the first time we really felt like we were in Africa.

We are back in Windhoek now - officially starting our Safari tour today - but we don't meet up with the group until tomorrow morning.


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